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Discover Real Spanish Music

If you are often hungry for new music, I certainly understand you. That is why I am going to offer you a gift and you don’t need to thank me. It is music in Spanish I am talking about, and before you close the page, I promise there won’t be any ‘Macarenas’ or ‘Ketchup Songs’. Spanish music goes beyond the few ‘reggaeton’ hits you may have heard on the radio. It is vast in unique genres and sounds, many of which have been influential in some of the greatest songs in the English language, such as ‘Hotel California’ (according to co-writer Don Henley himself).

Being a songwriter myself, Spanish music has opened me a new world full of different possibilities and perspectives, all of which may be combined with more ‘traditionally-English styles’. There is something entirely new you might find here: the brutality in the poetry that some of the most talented songwriters (most of which are relatively unknown to the English-speaking world) managed to craft in times of dictatorship, political repression or a normal day in life. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics of some of these songs, I recommend that you find translations of Silvio Rodriguez’s, Mecano’s, Cecilia’s or Andrés Calamaro’s lyrics. Their structure, their word games, their irony and command of this latin language are not to be found anywhere else.


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