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Underrated Songs. Part I

For unknown reasons (or insuficient promotion), some great compositions don't get to be listened as much as they deserve to, and millions of ears miss out on some of the best music. This brief series retrieves some songs the world shouldn't live without and some songs that don't get enough credit.

Hymn To Her

The Pretenders

Powerfully feminist. The only known composition of one of Chrissie Hynde's high school friends, who decided to lend it to the band, is an empowering ode to continuity, resistence and an embrace to the gender that we owe life to and can do more than one thing at a time. The song identifies the force of nature with female features and offers consolation for an unwanted or simply unfortunate present, transforming obstacles into news question and a mere tomorrow. “She will always carry on […] they will keep on speaking her name, some things change, some stay the same”. Share it with mothers, friends, grandmothers, wives...

Frozen Love

Buckingham Nicks

Ever wondered how Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham started out? Before joining Fleetwood Mac they were Buckingham Nicks, a duo that only released a single LP. Now a prey of dust, their self-titled album compliments its folk roots with strong west coast influences that haven't yet had their deserved chance to shine. Frozen Love, the most magically crafted tune off the album, was relegated to the last place. Don't miss it ever again!

Silver Springs

Fleetwood Mac

Speaking of Fleetwood Mac, the fact that Silver Springs was left out of Rumours is a crime. Well, I guess no one can say “where would Rumours be without Silver Springs”, because it never made it into one of the best albums ever. However, with its nostalgic sound, heartbreaking chorus, defiant lyrics and Nick's combination of a regretful and angry delivery, it deserves a spot more than some of the other tunes on the legendary LP. Turns out it was first confined as a B-side until later released as a live performance and an outtake. That is the only explanation for its relative anonymity.

Circle Dance

Bonnie Raitt

What a rare beauty. I still haven't met anyone who knew it. Probably the most misunderstood piece off the Longing In Their Hearts album. Circle Dance has some of the most beautifully-written, poetic, heartbreaking and elitist lyrics in English music. I wonder if Bonnie herself realised how good the song she wrote really was. The music is pretty and her vocals are stunning, but nothing compared with the power of those words, those metaphores, that sincerity... A daughter talks about the mistakes her father did and how those impacted her own mistakes, “bitter heirloom handed down”.

Lay Lady Lay

Bob Dylan

I must admit I discovered this song through a cover version in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In my defense, the cover (by Norwegian singer Magnet) is just as good as the original with its totally different arrangement. Turns out it was written by Mr. Bob Dylan himself. Its country-folky vibe, soothing melody and Dylan's unusually deep voice contribute to create a simple masterpiece that clearly deserves more attention. You can decide what version you like better anyway.

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