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An enthusiastic marketer, an indefatigable brand builder with an innate love for creativity, a daring strategist and an operational performer, a writer, an individual and a team player, an observer as well as a social media native and last but not least, a citizen of the world.


Please, feel at home!

About Me

  Driven by my entrepreneurial spirit, I realised the best way to put my Strategic Marketing and Operational Marketing skills to the test was to assume greater responsibilities. I found a small environmental whose CEO required focusing on the communication of their personal brand and brand repositioning. After reviewing the sector, stakeholders and the business itself, I designed and implemented a plan where I:

1. Created a new and more usable website that highlighted the vision of the CEO.

2. Designed a social media strategy focusing on branded content, aiming to consolidate the CEO         as the authority they were in the field.

3. Managed a corporate blog and emailing in a B2B environment.

4. Used Adobe Photoshop to produce creative materials aligned with core brand values.

5. Offered advice and consultation in the areas of branding and promotion.


This case allowed me to take my project management skills to the next level, including: identifying different opportunities and deciding on the ones with stronger potential; defining objectives and reviewing outcomes to improve processes; anticipating eventualities and finding solutions to problems timely while thinking several steps ahead.


  Velvethut is a multi-service technological startup or the Uber of domestc and business cleaning, where I assumed a series of responsibilities in different areas. For instance, I researched and negotiated strategic partnerships, powering expansion and assisted those suppliers with technological infraestructure.

  I helped boost sales by over 50% from my first few months of work. Besides conducting industry analysis, my team and I designed and implemented our brand strategy reporting directly to the Brand Manager. In addition, I put all my effort on strengthtening our communication strategy by applying a 360 approach, powering stronger earned media through the creation of content.


  Additionally, I took the initiative of understanding our consumers better through CRM and provided key administrative support.

velvethut ltd.

Every year some of la-crème-de-la-créme in the music industry gather for the Future Music Forum, where executives, promoters, producers, influencers and artists look for opportunities to craft the future of the business. Fascinated by their collaboration, I decided to offer my help and became a volunteer.

  Not only did I manage social media during the 3-day event, but also set up the conference rooms and supervised the running of the panels. Additionally, I welcomed and registered attendees and speakers, and took care of photographic documentation as well.


  Initiative was my best alliad in this great journey. After the event, I was able to network with talented executives who generously shared on their knowledge. I am happy to know that I will have a part in shaping the future of the music industry in years to come.

BA in business management

  ICADE has given me the tools to look for the answers to the questions I ask myself. Graduating in Business Management and Administration in 2016, I knew from the very start that my place was in the Marketing major. Deepening on my knowledge of consumers, powering my observation and research capacities and understanding brands and their emotional values as lifelong contracts, while maintaining a global vision of organisations, ,are things I will always thank ICADE for.

  As one of the top European institutions on the business field it has given me the opportunity of being instructed by wise and experienced professionals. How could I forget the day Paul Polman awakened my concern on Economic Post-Growth. Such was my interest in understanding that economic growth is not an accurate indicator of wellbeing in the long-run that I decided to take on an extracurricular course on the topic.

business school
university of western

  For the third year of my degree I transferred to the University of Western Australia in Perth. While exploring all new territory, I experienced different and diverse ways of doing really everything and soon started to feel an Aussie myself.

  Australia taught me to plan my goals on the long run and adapt myself to changing circumstances. I was appointed represantitve of Comillas Pontifical University and I even got to form a folk band with some very talented singers and musicians!

BA in business management
brandstorm 2016

  Two curious fellow students and I decided to join forces to take on the challenge of redesigning one of L'Oréal's brands' communication strategy by entering the 2016 Brandstorm Competition.​ The tasks I performed included structured interviews in 27 pharmacies to understand how distribution affected the link between La Roche Posay and its consumers and data analysis to draw on meaningful conclusions.


  While at the University of Western Australia, I tutored and trained students on the Spanish business environment, culture and language at Trinity College. It all came up through a conversation with the Study Abroad Office of the University and the Dean of Trinity, who showed their concern with the unavailability of Spanish studies at the University. Given my Spanish background, I decided to offer the solution myself.​


   Helping kids (ranging from 3 to 16) coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to adapt to society and access the European education system made me realise how much I have to be thankful for. The experience allowed me develop more empathy, which certainly helps me understand a variety of consumers better than ever.

I am bilingual in English and Spanish and I also speak French.

MY THESIS. Given the rising importance of extending brands' symbolic power and my concern about the scarcity of tools to assist practitioners in deciding whether or not to extend their brands, I decided to create a model to solve this problem. Graded at 9.5/10, I hope my thesis will make decisions a bit easier.

OTHER PROJECTS. Here is a collection of writings, presentations and reports I have produced recently.

CREATIVE WORKS. These include drawings and poems created with love.

03. BLOG

I LOVE writing about communication, music and branding. I'm constantly trying to keep up with new trends, learn from them and bring new ideas. I also reflect on my experiences and my learning process. Keep tuned for new content every two weeks!

  To me, Marketing is the marriage and music my lover, and of course I adore sharing my love for music with other music lovers. Whenever I am not working, I create and share playlists, write on my music blog or lay down some lyrics and tunes of my own. Check out some of my demos!​


  Writing my own songs while being in charge of every part of the creative process has helped me understand and empathize with artists: their needs, how to preserve their authenticity while creating a brand around them and their full potential.

  01. cool people get  

Think we might work out? Please, don't hesitate to contact me. It will only take 15 seconds and I will get back to you as fast as my hands allow me to type. Thank you for your beautiful time!

Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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